Seion Chapel with caretaker Ken Hughes


Ken Hughes at Seion Chapel, Rowen


  1. Hya Ken, its Maureen Hyfrydle. I forgot to ask you this week when Peggy and I were talking to you. When I came to Conwy 18months ago we met ELAINE from the HAVEN next door. she was telling us that the Thomas family David and Lyndon, Lyndon was killed on his motor bike, she said that Bob and Muriel went on to have a daughter??This is the first I’d heard of this, is she right? thought you would know.
    I said to Peggy you would have known the little girl was called Avril.
    Thanks Ken, and thanks for showing us all the pictures this last week Peggy loved as much as me.

    • Peter McFadden

      Thanks Maureen.
      I’ve printed your message and I will drop it round at Ken’s house.
      Glad you enjoyed your visit here. Rowen looks lovely with all the flowers on the verges.
      Peter McFadden

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