Conwy Food Bank

Conwy Food Bank urgently needs supplies of the items listed below.
You can leave them in the tub just inside the door at Capel Seion,  Rowen.
The Chapel is open seven days a week, 9am to 5pm.
Chapel helpers will take the food to the Food Bank HQ in Colwyn Bay.
No fresh food
No dented cans
No out of date food.  This cannot be used by the Food Bank, and has to be dumped.

No out of date food please

Thanks for your support.

Tins of ham / corned beef
Tins of sausages and beans
Ravioli / spaghetti bolognese
Jars of pasta sauce
Microwave rice
Tinned fruit
Tins/sachets custard
Rice pudding
UHT milk


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