Welcome to Rowen walking

Welcome to Rowen walking 

Update May 2020
Under normal circumstances, we welcome walkers to Rowen.  We are keen walkers ourselves.
We hope we will be able to welcome you here again soon.  In the meantime, please stay at home.

Rowen is a convenient start point for walks in the Carneddau mountains.
These mountains are never crowded.  They offer great walking on a fine, sunny day, but the mountains here are remote, and you can be as much as three miles from the nearest road.
Go prepared, with a map and compass and warm clothing and waterproofs.  Take plenty of water, spare food and a hot drink.  Route-finding can be very difficult in cloudy weather.  The weather can change quickly.

Tal y Fan (2001ft) is a popular day walk from the village car park, with views across to Anglesey.  See Walk 10 in our Circular Walks from Rowen.
Drum and the Welsh 3000s Foel Fras and Foel Grach and Carnedd Llewelyn can be walked from the mountain car park in Bwlch y Ddeufaen, which is  marked on OS map OL17.  This is serious mountain walking, especially in winter.
Allow a full day for Foel Fras and Foel Grach from the mountain car park, and a long day if you include Carnedd Llewelyn.

The free public car park in Rowen is signposted just past the flagpole.   Large groups may prefer to park across the road from the flagpole.  The public car park is shared-use, and it soon fills up with residents’ cars,  Memorial Hall users’ cars and visitors’ cars.
Please park considerately, and leave space for emergency service vehicles to get through to the houses and the Memorial Hall.
The free public toilets in the car park are open from mid April to end of October.

The mountain car park at Bwlch y Ddeufaen near Rowen has space for about 10 vehicles:
Note: The road up to Bwlch y Ddeufaen is not recommended when there is snow on the road.
Directions: Bear left in the middle of Rowen.  The No Through Road signs apply to vehicles larger than a small van.  The road is narrow, twisting and unsuitable for large vehicles.  There are very few passing places.
Go through two metal gates, and turn right straight after the second gate, and up to Cae Coch.  YOU MUST CLOSE THE TWO METAL GATES.
The car park is one mile beyond Cae Coch, just over a cattle grid.   There is space at Cae Coch for a few cars to park, but please leave the road clear for farmers’ vehicles.

The very steep hill up to Rowen Youth Hostel is only suitable for cars in dry weather.
The only car parking space is inside the hostel gate, and is for hostel visitors only.

After your walk, why not visit the Ty Gwyn Hotel in Rowen for a drink or a meal.  There are many places to stay in Rowen.  (Page temporarily removed). You could stay here for a week, or even a lifetime!

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