Superfast broadband in Rowen

Information from Gareth Davies, Rowen  (email ) re superfast broadband in Rowen, January 2017.

“I am on superfast broadband, and it is a simple thing to change.  We have two superfast connections actually, on each of the phone lines – one business and one pleasure.

Download speeds are between 52Mb (with Eclipse) and 37Mb (with PlusNet, who are a better option than BT). You will not notice a huge difference with normal browsing, which is limited by the slowest component (i.e. the source sometimes), but streaming audio and video is far far better, and there is no dropout and no buffering.

With Eclipse £33.00 per month incl VAT, 12 month contact Limited to 50GB monthly download

With Plusnet £22.49 per month incl VAT, 18 month contract Unlimited download. They also do a good combined Phone/broadband deal which we have.  About £39 per month.

I would heartily recommend PlusNet ( which we switched to from BT, and their price is competitive.  Basically, you tell them what you’ve got and what you want, and they do the switch for you.  They will send you a new router which you plug in the same way as at present, and hey presto!  

So you can see that it is not much more than standard broadband”.

Standard broadband speed is about 7Mb (P. McFadden).


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