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Update 26th December 2020

Covid-19 precautions:  Enter the Hall via the main door, hand sanitize, collect your newspaper, and leave via the dressing room door.
No lingering in the Hall please.

If you wish to collect a newspaper from the Hall, will you please supply the following information:

Your name
Phone number
Which newspaper or newspapers?
How often?
Payment by tokens or by cash?
New readers are very welcome.
Email peterhoney914@gmail.com or phone Jimmy on 01492 650518.


We started our popular 7-days a week newspaper collection service in August 2015, within a week of our village shop closing.  New customers are always welcome.

  • Collect your daily or weekly newspapers from the Memorial Hall, from 9am to 9.30am.

  • Order your newspapers a week in advance.

  • You can order newspapers for any number of days per week.

  • If you just want a Telegraph on Saturdays or a North Wales Weekly News on Wednesdays, that’s fine.

  • Going on holiday? Just let us know the week before.

  • Pay as you go, or use vouchers.

  • Many thanks to Siop Porthlwyd, Dolgarrog who deliver the newspapers to Rowen Memorial Hall.

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