Daily newspapers service

Rowen daily newspapers

How it used to be…

Updated September 2023


We started our popular 7-days a week newspaper collection service in August 2015, within a week of Rowen village shop closing.   Newspapers were supplied and delivered to the Memorial Hall by Siop Porthlwyd, Dolgarrog.   A rota of helpers sold the newspapers until lockdown.  Newspaper sales continued throughout covid-19 lockdowns, as they were deemed to be an essential service.  Jimmy Logan collected and sold the newspapers.
Demand for print newspapers reduced during lockdown.   Newsprint prices and online news services led to fewer sales. In September 2023,  Siop Porthlwyd sadly closed, due to ill-health.

We are grateful to Isoline Greenhalgh for devising the newspapers service, to Jimmy Logan for running the newspapers service and to Cheryl and John at Siop Porthlwyd for providing newspapers, and to everybody who supported the scheme for so many years.

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