Information for Hall users

  • Bookings should be made with Peter McFadden, Hall Treasurer by email  We prefer not to take bookings by telephone.  Bookings should state clearly which dates are required, and start and finish times.

  • Let us know if you want access to the Hall beforehand, for setting up tables etc.  Setting-up time is normally free of charge.

  • We are quite happy to show you around the Hall.

  • Keys are given to regular users, one key per group. Occasional users should collect a key from Peter McFadden, and return it promptly.

  • The Hall central heating is on a timer. We will set it before your booking.

  • Please do not use sellotape to fix Happy Birthday banners etc to the windows and walls.  It leaves sticky marks. We prefer BluTack.

  • Please use our crockery, rather than throwaway plastic cups and plates.  Think twice about using single-use plastic pop bottles. Are they really necessary?

Before you leave, please…..

  • Check that the doors and windows are securely closed, and raise the blinds.

  • Check that no taps are left running. Our water supply is metered, and we have to pay for wasted water.

  • Brush the Hall floor, leave the Hall tidy for the next users, wash up any dishes etc, and take away any bulky rubbish.

  • Do not leave any clutter in the Hall.

  • Check that the lights are switched off, especially the toilet lights and the outside lights.

  • Use the night light, which switches off the lights on the drive automatically after one minute.

  • If you use any of the items in the First Aid kit, which is in the kitchen, let us know and we will replace them.

  • Report any problems or accidents.

  • Let us know if you leave any personal property in the Hall, eg. umbrellas, items of clothing etc.

  • Storage for users’ equipment is limited.  Contact us before leaving any equipment in the Hall, and let us know its value for insurance purposes.

  • Any Hall user’s equipment stored in the Hall must be marked with the user group’s name.

  • Let us have your ideas for improvements to the Hall, and suggestions for new activities.

  • Most important of all…. enjoy the Hall and tell your friends about it!

Peter McFadden
Updated August 2021

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