Vaccinations at Venue Cymru, general info.

Covid-19 vaccinations at Ysbyty Enfys / Venue Cymru, Llandudno.

8am to 8pm, seven days a week.
1170 people are being vaccinated every day (90 x 13).

Pfizer vaccine.

Free parking at Venue Cymru.

The Main Entrance to Venue Cymru from the Promenade is not in use.
You should arrive at the car park no more than five minutes before your appointment, and arrive at the hospital entrance from the car park on your own  (unless you need a helper) right on time (My appointment was at 17.33 precisely on 9th Feb 2021).  If you do arrive early, you can wait in the B and Q car park nearby.

Do remember where you’ve parked, especially at night.

Wear a mask.

I was in the building for about an hour, following the queue along a clear line of footprints to various check desks, and into the vaccination arena, followed by a 15-minute sit down.

The exits from the building and from the car park are next to the swimming pool.

The setup was impressive and well-organized, and everybody was very friendly.

Highly recommended!


Updated 25th February 2021
Compiled by Peter McFadden, email

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