Hearing loop and PA system at Rowen Memorial Hall

An Induction Hearing Loop and new PA system were installed in Rowen Memorial Hall in June 2022 by ORB Sound and Lighting Llangollen.
The hearing loop enables hearing aid users to enjoy better sound quality.
The PA system is available for talks and presentations.
Will the hearing loop work during Rowen Cinema film shows? 
Does the hearing loop work throughout the Memorial Hall? 
The loop is fitted around the walls in the Main Hall.  It is also effective halfway into the Rear Hall.
What does the new PA system consist of?
Hand-held radio mic and lapel radio mic and amplifiers.
Is there any extra charge for Hall users wishing to use the PA system?
How much did the hearing loop and PA cost and how was it funded? 
£2120, funded by Rowen Open Gardens 2022 and Covid Recovery Grant.

Thanks to Kinmel Bay Town Council for recommending ORB Sound and Lighting.
Any enquiries, please email peterhoney914@gmail.com


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