From the Committee



We are writing in response to the various messages being expressed on several local media platforms about the impact of COVID-19 on our lives.  In particular the strong sense that the behavior of some people coming into the area is putting the general health and well-being of those in the village at greater risk.


So far, to the best of our knowledge, the residents of Rowen have avoided contracting the disease for which we must be very grateful and continue in our efforts to keep the disease at bay.


There has been considerable concern about second-home owners coming here.  It seems there are three groups in this sector:


1.Those who are not living here permanently and who travel back and forth between Rowen and their principal home:

Government guidance makes it clear you should not do this.

We respectfully ask that this no longer happen.


2.Those who arrived before the Lock-down:

Some second home-owners were here before the lock-down and, having checked with the Police, we are informed you now must remain in the village.


3.Those who have come here recently:

We respectfully ask that you maintain 7 days of isolation from the day of your arrival SO AS TO PROTECT THE VILLAGE –


PLEASErestrict yourself to your garden.

Also, as the Police have confirmed, you too must stay here for the lock-down.


We also know that feelings are running high with regard to day visitors, excepting delivery drivers to whom we express our thanks.  With Easter looming, there could be even more “traffic” on our lanes and by-ways.  While we cannot impose any restrictions ourselves we can discourage inappropriate and unwelcome activity in or through the village and thereby also further support our farmers.


Accordingly, we have decided to cover the Croeso sign at the village boundary and replace it with a temporary sign saying:





(deliveries welcome)


Thank you

Charles Hawkins                                Helen Hawkins

Chair                                                   Secretary


On behalf of Grwp Cymunedol Rowen Community Group




The Rowen Community Group would like to thank you for taking part in the Rowen Winter Festival last December.

Many more participated both for the Lights-On Ceremony and the Carols in the Village than we had dared hope for, which is great.  We are grateful to Mayor Edwards for ‘hitting the i-switch’ which worked perfectly.

We have been very encouraged by the considerable and positive feedback we have had from many parts of the Community.

Accordingly, the Committee have decided to run the Festival in December 2020 (to be referred to as WF20).  So please keep your eyes out for updates through the year!

Grwp Cymunedol Rowen Community Group

The Committee is:

Linda Anderson

Helen Hawkins (Secretary)

Sean Brand

Janet Haworth (Vice Chair)

Eileen Burtonwood

Gwenan Jones

John Burtonwood (Treasurer)

Catherine Mortimer Hart

Dennis Oliver

Charles Hawkins (Chair)

and co-opted:

Mayor Goronwy Edwards

Jimmy Logan


We are here as your representatives to help put your wishes for the village into action. With the mix of experience and perspectives on the committee, we seek to work for the benefit of all within the Rowen community.
It should go without saying, but we will anyway – a Community Group needs a Community.  We need your input, your ideas and, yes, your time. We cannot ‘do’ everything ourselves and we trust that as ideas arise, you will want to get involved.
Following recent suggestions, we are considering ways to help the Community Group meetings flow more smoothly – we will keep you posted as these take shape in time for the next meeting.  Watch this space!
The whole Committee looks forward to getting to know the Community increasingly well and we are looking forward to serving you all.
From the Rowen Community Group.

Constitution  Click here to see the Rowen Community Group constitution.

See the Community Group website 

See Car Boot Sales 2020 page  



Rowen flagpole, provided by the Community Group.

Planting crocus bulbs near the flagpole

Rowen residents regularly plant over 500 crocus bulbs under the Willow.
Crocus flowers are a great source of early pollen for the bees.
Pictures from Annabel Meayers.

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