Conwy Mobile Library in Rowen

The Conwy Mobile Library visits Rowen every four weeks on Mondays, 11.25am to 12 noon.  The Library vehicle parks near the flagpole.

Please see  Mobile and Home Library Services to check the dates.  Rowen is in Route 2.

Covid-19 precautions
Telephone info from Conwy Library, 7th December 2020

  1. Sorry, no on-board browsing service at present.

  2. Please phone Conwy Library on 01492 576089.  You should ask to be added to the mobile library list for Rowen.

  3. Tell them your preferred type of book (Travel, thrillers, novels etc.)

  4. You can borrow up to ten books for four weeks.

  5. The library will make up a selection of suitable books for you.

  6. Your books will be held in quarantine at the library for three days in sealed bags, before delivery to Rowen.

  7. Your sealed bag of books will be brought to Rowen for pick-up by the customer.

  8. Please return the books to the delivery service at their next visit. The library will sanitize the books.

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