Ti a Fi / Pre-school group

Update September 2021.
Ti a Fi has restarted, Monday and Thursday mornings.  Booking essential.
Covid-19 precautions apply.

Please contact Penny on 01492 650989 or email penny@dmxl.co.uk
for information.

Ti a Fi means ‘You and Me’ but is often translated as ‘Parent and Toddler Group’.
It is open to all children who are not yet in school full time and their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles etc.
The adult stays with the child for the session, and is therefore able to meet other people with similar age children.
Children from tiny babies to age 4 are provided with a range of suitable toys, friends to play with and plenty of space.
Sessions are informal, arrival and departure times unimportant and the children and their adults can request particular toys.
In suitable weather, we also make use of the Playing Field and take a selection of toys outside.

There is a leader who is responsible for setting out the toys for each session and for providing a small snack for the children.
Adults are provided with tea or coffee, although they may need to help make this if the session is busy.

Ti a Fi is open during term time and we sometimes continue to meet during the holidays.

For more information just call in or contact Penny on 01492 650989 or email penny@dmxl.co.uk

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