Key Safe at Rowen Memorial Hall

We can arrange for a key to the Memorial Hall to be left in the new Key Safe in the Hall porch for occasional Hall users.
The Key Safe is usually left empty.
We will let you know the 4-digit code before your booking.
The code will be changed for every booking.  Please do not share the code with other people.
Please close the Key Safe and scramble the dials during your booking.
Bring a torch.

To open the Key Safe…

Slide down the shutter door, to reveal the dials and the release catch.
Rotate the dials to your code.
Press down the release catch to open the door.

To close the Key Safe
Please put the Hall key back in the Key Safe after locking the building.
Close the Key Safe door.
Scramble the four dials to lock the door.
Close the shutter door.


December 2022

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