Horse riding…from the horse’s mouth

A message to road users in Rowen and Henryd….

There are lots of us horses living in the Rowen and Henryd area.

We would like to say thank you to all the considerate drivers and cyclists, who slow down when they see us out on the roads.

It is difficult for us, because there are not many places where we can ride off the roads, even though it looks as though there is lots of countryside around.  Plenty of footpaths for you humans, but hardly any bridleways for us horses, so we have to ride on the roads more than we would choose to.

There are more vehicles on the roads, and they seem to be larger and they go much faster nowadays.

We would like to say a special word of thanks to our local farmers. We are very grateful that you are so considerate towards us, when you slow down, stop, turn off your engines and your flashing orange lights. We know that you are always busy, and we are sorry for slowing you down, because we are so frightened of big scary tractors and trailers.

Cyclists.. We do find you a bit frightening, especially in large groups.  We do appreciate it when you slow down and give us lots of space.  If you are coming up behind us it helps if you call out.  A friendly human voice reassures us, because the sound of your wheels is quite strange too us.

A big thank you to all the local residents and visitors who look out for us.



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