Memories of Rowen

Many thanks to Carol Miles, Ty’r Ysgol, Rowen for sending these memories, compiled in 2012.

We would love to receive more memories of Rowen, via the contact box at the bottom of this page. Thanks.

I am attempting to trace my grandfathers family connection with Roewen, having called in at the Chapel on three occasions, but I assume that down to the current situation visits are restricted I have been unable to speak to anyone in attendance. After extensive and exhausting research through the county records I am wondering whether the Chapel may have more local records of families in the village. My grandfather Robert Jones was born in Roewen on the 5th October 1894 recorded on his death certificate and an address of 4 Chapel Street has been found in family records. In a 1911 census a Robert Jones is recorded living with a David Jones, born 1849, Jane Jones 1851 and Ellen Jones 1877 at 2 Ty Chapel, Caerhun. I do not have the recorded name of either parent, but my grandfather was fondly known as BobMartha, perhaps his mothers forename? If possible, and you have records of his birth I would be so grateful if you could provide them to me, I am unable to get to the County Archives during the awful period. My telephone number is 01492 592820, thank you. DAVID WILLIAMS

From Mrs. Maureen Myers (nee Roberts).
Message 1.
Born at Hyfrydle in 1941 and lived there until I married in 1962. Sad that my cousin Cliff Roberts ‘Pen Yr Efail’ passed away. We were chatting on the phone a few days before.Cliff has a sister Joyce who still lives in Liverpool, Huyton. Joyce is 5 years older than Cliff and 10 years older than me.I have not seen her for many years now. I do miss Rowen quite often but my family all live close to me in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire now, Nicola my niece (sister Doris daughter) lives in Llandudno with her husband Barrie. Lovely memories of living, there fishing for trout in the river and playing rounders outside Hyfrydle by the Ty Gwyn.

Message 2. Hello Peter, pleased to read your request by email. I was born in Hyfrydle opposite the phone box and Ty Gwyn. I left in 1961 when I got married. It’s a pity my parents are no longer with us as my dad was born there up in the mountains near to the Roman bridge.
My sister’s son Paul, has done the family history and at the time he did lots of digging for information, checking archives in Llandudno, they moved to Rowen when they came back from Singapore.  My older sister is no longer with us as she may have been able to help she was 6 years older than me. Paul’s away at the moment but you never know he may just have something. Anyway I shall contact him as soon as he gets back and hopefully find you some answers.

From Jeremy Jones…
Hi, this is a bit random, but my Gt Gt Gt grandfather was Hugh Jones (stonemason) who lived at Crosskeys in Rowen between 1851-1881 . I can see it no longer exists (certainly by name) but I am curious to know if anyone would know the rough location. I’m guessing it would be near the Ty Gwyn Hotel.
Thank you Jeremy Jones
We think Crosskeys stood on the site of the garden next to the Ty Gwyn.

From Giulio Canetti…
Hello I am wondering if anyone can help me. During the war, my mother came to live in Rowen for some time, with her brother and my grandmother, to escape the bombing in London – and she speaks very fondly of here time in your village. She would have been around 7/8 years old but seems to have quite a few good memories. I would like to bring her back to visit during the spring of this year and I was wondering if there are any people around who might remember those times or even remember her and my uncle, who was 2 years older than her. She is 85 years old now. I would also like to bring her back to the house where she stayed if it’s still standing. If it is, I’m not expecting the current inhabitants to just let her in to look around (although I have to admit, if they did, that would be amazing!) all she knows is that the house was called ‘House of Spiders’ her name is Anita – surname then was Futerman and her brother was Harry. My grandmother was called Amalia and she was a dressmaker; perhaps she did work for people while they were in Rowen. I’m sorry to bother you with this unusual request but any help would be greatly appreciated. I would dearly love to bring her back to Rowen while she is still fit and able, as well as seeing for myself an important part of her life story. she now lives in London and I live in Liverpool. kind Regards Giulio

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