Are you looking for a builder, plumber, electrician…..

Are you looking for a local builder, plumber, electrician etc?

Try posting a notice on the very popular Rowen Facebook page, asking for recommendations.

I’ve had some success with the website which matches contractors to householders.

How does it work?

  • You register your contact details.

  • You enter details of the trade and the work required, timescale and budget.

  • The Ratedpeople website sends your enquiry to up to three local contractors, who are registered on Ratedpeople.

  • If they are interested, they pay Ratedpeople a fee to receive your contact details.

  • You make contact, arrange a meeting, discuss the work, and take it from there.

How do I know if they are trustworthy?

  • Each contractor is rated by their customers. You can see their customers’ reviews.

If I use one of the Ratedpeople contractors and I want to give them more work, do I have to use the website again?

  • No, it is just for the initial introduction.

Does it cost me anything?

  • No, it’s free to householders.

Do contractors like using Ratedpeople?

  • The ones I’ve used say they use Ratedpeople when they are quiet. A Ratedpeople builder came to plaster a hole in my kitchen ceiling, stayed for two weeks doing lots more work, and has been back many times since.

What are the benefits for the householder?

  • Quick results, useful reviews.

Any warnings?

  • Start with a straightforward job.

  • Plan the job well, give clear instructions and don’t keep changing your mind.

Have you used Ratedpeople or other similar websites? Did it work for you? We’d love to hear from you

Peter McFadden, email

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