What happens to our doorstep recycling waste?

My message to Conwy County Borough Council Recycling Department, 23rd October 2018…
We are we hearing horror stories about mountains of recyclables from the UK ending up in Malaysia.
Can Conwy CBC assure us that all our recyclable waste is actually recycled here in the UK?

Their reply…
Thanks for getting in touch, Peter.
All of the material that we collect at kerbside both in the Trolibocs and the food waste bin is sent off to various companies within the UK to be recycled.
The markets do change and this can sometimes be as often as monthly, in order to get the best value for the Council.
Currently, cardboard is sent to Parry & Evans (Deeside), paper is sent to UPM (Shotton), plastic is sent to Roydons (Manchester), aluminium is sent to Novelis (Warrington), steel (cans) is sent to Northern Trading (Darlington) and glass is sent to Berrymans (West Yorkshire).

Food waste is sent to two anaerobic digestion facilities in North Wales; one in the Waen, St Asaph and the other in Caernarfon, Gwynedd.
Nappies are sent to South Wales, to a company called Natural UK.

If you wish to follow where the materials go on a more regular basis, you can obtain this information from Waste Data Flow. All information can be found by registering for public access via the following link www.wastedataflow.org/login.aspx

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