Feasibility study, Conwy Town Centre Farmers Market

To start a monthly Conwy town centre Farmers Market in Lancaster Square on the second Wednesday of each month, starting in April 2024, then May, June, July, August, October, November and December = eight sessions in 2024.   No Market in September (Conwy Honey Fair is on 13th).  2025 dates to be decided.
(Conwy RSPB Farmers Market is on the last Wednesday of each month).

Access to locally produced food and drink.   A new opportunity for local producers.  Builds on the experience of  Conwy Farmers Market at RSPB and the  Conwy Fairs.  A new regular event for Conwy town.

Note:  This is just a feasibility study. I have organized the 700-year old annual Conwy Honey Fair and the Conwy Seed Fair for over 30 years, with Conwy Beekeepers and on behalf of Conwy Town Council.  I have no wish to organize the Farmers Market. I hope the existing Conwy Farmers Market group (or others) will wish to organize the Markets.
Trading from 9am to 1pm. No hot drinks, cooking or alcohol.
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Notes from a site meeting with Mark Brierley, Conwy Licensing, 3rd November. 2023.
See pictures below.

North Wales Police, Fire Service, Conwy Highways, Streetworks, Parking, Tourism. Mark Brierley to consult Safety Advisory Group.
P.Mc to consult Conwy Town Council.

P. Mc to provide a Risk Assessment.

Is planning permission needed?

Public consultation?

Try to avoid need for a road closure, signs or barriers. No stalls in the High Street.
Hire charge for Lancaster Square awaited from Mark Brierley.

How would it work?
Set up stalls and clear stallholders’ vehicles 8am to 8.40am.

Stallholders to unload from Bangor Road and York Place, as per the Conwy Fairs.

Take down stalls promptly 1pm to 1.30pm.

Space for approx 12 stalls in gazebos on Lancaster Square raised level.
Gazebos to be “wrapped round” and tied to the fixed benches, wherever possible.  Leg weights essential.

Stall holders to provide their own gazebos.

Other space for stalls?
On wide pavement on corner of York Place, one stall space.
In parking spaces next to taxi rank, four stall spaces.
Lancaster Square, low level near statue, two stall spaces.
Wide pavement in York Place, one stall.
Total stalls approx 18 or 19.
Taxi rank to be kept clear.
£5 million Public Liability Insurance  required for every smallholder, and hygiene certificate where appropriate.
£5 million event organizer’s PLI.  I have received  a price from NFU Mutual, Llanrwst for a policy separate from the RSPB Farmers Market, which is also insured by NFU Mutual; suggested by John Jones, manager of RSPB Farmers Market.
Stallholder hire charges to be determined.  Aiming for £30 maximum per market.

Issued 6th November 2023, updated 8th December 2023.
Any comments and suggestions, please email Peter McFadden peterhoney914@gmail.com


Pictures of Lancaster Square

Pictures from Conwy Seed Fair and Conwy Honey Fair

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