How to use the Rowen cinema equipment


Rowen Memorial Hall, Cinema equipment instructions

Switch on two 13A sockets on wall below box

Open equipment box. Please ask us for combination padlock number

Lower screen with up/down control on wall

Switch on projector with the white remote control

Switch on DVD player, press button on right end

Open DVD tray, using open/close button on left of on/off button

Load DVD, close tray with open/close button

Switch on amplifier, on bottom shelf.

Point Sony remote at DVD player, select English

Film starts

Press Play button

To adjust the volume, use the two dials on the amplifier.

To pause film, press Pause button

To restart, press Play button

Press Stop at end of film

Shutdown procedure

Remove DVD

Switch off DVD player

Switch off amplifier

Do not switch off any other equipment in the box.

Switch off projector. Wait for projector to power down.

Raise screen

Close and lock box

Switch off wall sockets

November 2022

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