Rowen Memorial Hall, Kitchen Inventory

Kitchen inventory, updated April 2022

We can provide everything you need for your booking. Just bring your own bin bags and take home your rubbish. There is no need for you to bring single-use plastic cups and plates or cutlery.
Please let us know if there is anything missing, or anything you think we need.
Please email
Note. The recycling bin has been removed since these pictures were taken. Please take home all recyclables. We have no collection facilities in the Memorial Hall. Thanks.
We suggest you check the inventory before your event.


15 brown trays

1 metal tray

Top cupboard next to the Lincat water boiler:

60 cups

60 saucers

60 small plates

Top drawer next to fridge
8 cake servers

Cupboard under worktop :

2 large metal teapots

3 small metal teapots

3 metal coffee or tea pots

4 metal jugs (various sizes)

16 plastic beakers

2 glass jugs

6 plastic jugs

Top cupboard next to Ti a Fi cupboard :

8 glass dishes, assorted

1 pot teaspoon holder

13 metal ice cream dishes

3 metal sugar bowls

13 mugs

2 jugs

68 forks

58 soup spoons

66 knives

60 dessert spoons

Cupboard under worktop :

33 white & gold cups

23 white & gold saucers

2 white & gold sugar bowls

28 white cups

56 white saucers

42 white side plates

45 white bowls

2 odd bowls

42 white dinner plates

2 large meat plates

1 odd dinner plate

Next top cupboard :

7 stemmed glasses

4 tall drinking glasses

17 assorted glasses

Cupboard next to the cooker :

36 sets of reusable cups, plates and bowls for children’s parties.

Top drawer next to fridge :

11 kitchen knives

1 pair scissors

1 can opener

3 potato peelers

1 pizza slicer

1 small butter knife

Second drawer :

2 soup ladles

4 large spoons

2 large forks

4 spatulas

1 wooden spoon

3 pairs tongs

Third drawer :


Bottom drawer :

3 frying pans (one with lid)

Cupboard at side of sink :

Box of tea towels

Box of various dish/cleaning cloths

Rubber gloves

Cupboard 1. under sink :

1 toaster

4 baking trays

1 cheese grater

1 sieve

Cupboard 2. Under sink :

Large washing up liquid

Boxes of kitchen foil and clingfilm

1 pair oven gloves

Small kitchen : cupboard 1.

5 chopping boards

24 stemmed glasses (boxed)

18 drinking glasses (boxed)

Cupboard 2…

Box of small table cloths

Cupboard 3…

Box of large cloths

Bag of table decorations

Two aprons

Fire blanket, fire extinguisher.  These are inspected by FireMaster every September.
First Aid kit
Fridge, Beko UL483APW, serial no. 18-108041-09, new 2018
Gas cooker, New World Newhome, new 2016.   Inspected by Mark Forrest Heating every September.
Lincat water boiler, new 2005
Vaillant central heating boiler, new 2013.  Serviced by Mark Forrest Heating every September.
Two electric kettles.
Kitchen paper towel holder
General waste bin
Hand sanitizer and masks

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