Rowen Open Gardens 2022 results

Wisteria at its best. Thanks to Mary Land for this pic.

Rowen Open Gardens 2022 results      
Ticket sales, approx 650 people 3,834.75    
Angorfa refreshments 690.50    
Anne Sherlock’s plant stall 100.00    
Five Acres plant stall, 10% of sales 90.00    
Donations to date 70.00    
Total =   £4,785.25
  Supplied by Amount  
Insurance Tyser 336.00  
Hire charge for one events toilet Waterloo 144.00  
Printing maps CyD Printing 40.00  
Postage One-Stop 38.08
Card reader Sum Up 34.80
Signs date numbers Safety Label 14.66
Photocopying CVSC 6.00  
Total =   613.54  
Nett amount raised towards Rowen Memorial Hall   £4,171.71
Ukraine collecting box £23.42      
Rowen YFC raised £250 towards DPJ Foundation from sale of refreshments      
at the Memorial Hall.    
Seion Chapel raised £995 towards the Chapel from sale of refreshments.      
Grand total raised = £5,440.13      
Peter McFadden, Treasurer      
Rowen Memorial Hall, reg. charity no. 523846      

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