Rowen Open Gardens 2022 results

Wisteria at its best. Thanks to Mary Land for this pic.

Rowen Open Gardens 2022 results      
Ticket sales, approx 650 people @ £6 3,834.75    
Angorfa refreshments 690.50    
Anne Sherlock’s plant stall 100.00    
Five Acres plant stall, 10% of sales 90.00    
Donations to date 70.00    
Total =   £4,785.25
  Supplied by Amount  
Insurance Tyser 336.00  
Hire charge for one events toilet Waterloo 144.00  
Printing maps CyD Printing 40.00  
Postage One-Stop 38.08
Card reader Sum Up 34.80
Signs date numbers Safety Label 14.66
Photocopying CVSC 6.00  
Total =   613.54  
Nett amount raised towards Rowen Memorial Hall   £4,171.71
Ukraine collecting box £100      
Rowen YFC raised £250 towards DPJ Foundation from sale of refreshments      
at the Memorial Hall.    
Seion Chapel raised £995 towards the Chapel from sale of refreshments.      
Grand total raised = £5,440.13      
Peter McFadden, Treasurer      
Rowen Memorial Hall, reg. charity no. 523846      

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