Rowen Memorial Hall Community Cinema licences

Rowen Memorial Hall’s Premises Licence (licence no. PLNA0005) issued by Conwy County Borough Council, includes permission for us to show films in public.

Recorded music licences
The old Performing Rights Society and Phonographic Performance Limited licences have been replaced by TheMusicLicence.  Our Music Licence allows us to play recorded music. Our licence costs about £200 per year. The price is based on the Hall’s annual income, and the Hall’s status as a registered charity, no. 523846.

Screening Licence
We have an Umbrella Licence no. 219725 from Motion Picture Licensing Company  which costs about £200 per year.
This allows us to show any number of films licenced by MPLC.  This is much more economical than buying a Single title screening licence for each showing.

Many thanks to Conwy County Borough Council Trading Standards and Licensing for their help.
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Compiled by Peter McFadden, Licensee and Treasurer, Rowen Memorial Hall
Updated April 2022

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