How to use the PA system at Rowen Memorial Hall

Using the PA system


Note: The hearing loop will work whenever the amplifier is in use, eg. Cinema or PA system.
1.  Switch on the two 13A plugs on the wall below the control box on the stage.
2.  Open the control box. Please ask us for the combination padlock number.
3.  Switch on the large amplifier on the lower shelf. All the other equipment in the box has switched on when you switched on the 13A plugs.
4. Select the hand-held stick microphone, which is stored in a bag in the controls box.
Switch the mic ON using the switch on the handle.  Press the switch for one second.
Use the slide switch when speaking. Check that it works.
5.  After use, switch OFF the mic. Press the switch for three seconds and return the mic to the bag.
6.  Switch OFF the amplifier.
7.  Do not switch off the other equipment in the box.
8.  Close the box and fit the lock.
8.  Switch off two 13A plugs.
Or, select the lapel mic
9.  Switch ON the receiver. We will show you how.
10.  Fit the mic to your lapel.
11.  Check that it works.
12.  After use, switch OFF the receiver ands return it to the bag.
13.  Switch OFF the amplifier.
14. Close the box and fit the padlock.
15.  IMPORTANT Switch off the two 13A plugs.

November 2022

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