Affordable housing in or near Rowen

Message from Kay Edwards, Rural Housing Enabler, Grwp Cynefin.
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Further to our discussion in the recent Open Afternoon at Tal y Bont, Conwy, here is a brief explanation of my work and also a link to the questionnaire, in English and Welsh. You will need to complete the questionnaire by Monday, 25/06/18 please.

The role of the Rural Housing Enabler is to work with the community to identify what is the need for affordable housing locally. Affordable housing can be social rent, intermediate or property to buy at a discount.

In order to identify the need, you are asked to complete the enclosed questionnaire to identify what is important to you in terms of maintenance and affordable housing communities for local people [ie. people who have lived here for at last five years].
It is important that you give us your opinion, and we will then summarize the responses, and present them to our partners as part of further discussion.

In completing the questionnaire you will need to consider if you or someone you know needs….

  •  A house more suitable for their family size.

  •  A house that is affordable to buy or rent.

  •  I would especially like to know if there is any vacant land or buildings [in or near Rowen] that could be made available.

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