Hand wash basin in Rowen Memorial Hall

Supply and install a hand wash basin near the main entrance at Rowen Memorial Hall LL32 8YA

1.  See pic 1.    Hand wash basin to be installed on this wall.  We have already moved the fire extinguisher. We will remove the notice board.   This wall is also the right hand wall in the adjacent ladies’ toilet cubicle.
2.  See pic 2.  Install one hand wash basin supplied by us, now available with fixing kit and ready to install.  Note: Drain hole 45mm diameter.  Fixing kit needs a 14mm dia SDS drill bit (although a 12mm dia drill bit may be OK)
No tap needed.
Height from floor to top of basin = 800mm.
Basin to be in centre of 750mm wide concrete block wall.
3.Install Triton infra-red hands free water heater  supplied by us, now available and ready to install,  and secure to the wall.   Floor to underside of hand wash= 1120mm.

4.  Make access for drain pipe from new wash basin, through concrete block wall into ladies toilet cubicle.
5.  Install cold water supply with isolating valve from the ladies’ toilet supply to the new hand wash.
6.  See pic 4. Make access through left hand concrete block wall in cubicle.
7.  See pic 5. Supply and install drain from ladies toilet wash basin drain to new wash basin.
8.  Install new electricity supply from nearby distribution board and 3kW fused switch with red light to new water heater.
9.  Supply and fit 6 off white tiles 150mm x 150mm, 3 tiles wide x 2 tiles high.

Compiled by Peter McFadden, 22/07/2020, updated 17/08/2020 and 19/08/2020 and 27/08/2020.
1.  Item 2 now to be supplied by us.  Click here for previous choice of wash basin.
2.  Item 3 was Triton hand wash water heater hand operated @ £46.  Now to be supplied by us.
3.  Note added to say sink and water heater are now available from us.

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