During the winter months when the suns energy is low it makes sense to employ a wind turbine to meet the energy needs required. The data for wind speeds below shows the average wind speeds for the year for Valley (nearest data available). This is inland and so will be lower than for offshore Ynys Enlli. It is reasonable to assume a 33% uplift fr the island based on the fact that it is off the coast and there are no topological features hindering the wind which is mostly west/south westerly. This means that during the months between October and March the wind speed (with 33% uplift) will be about 19 Knots or 10m/s. The data is not the most recent but with climate change the wind is set to increase not decrease.


There are many to choose from. Ideally the ideal would be aself furling (speed control) for high wind speeds. However these type of turbines are expensive (£2-3K) and seem to be fitted to high output and thus big blade diameter turbines (2-3m). So the best compromise is to go for a model that has electromechanical breaking up to 60mph. After this the turbine will have to be made manually safe. Looking at what is available they all seem to be much the same. However the LE range already used by the Porters seems to be reliable and robust so it makes sense to use them.

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