Wash and squash plastic milk bottles before recycling









Household Recycling Centres at Mochdre and Abergele.  New charges from 1st November 2017. Click here for information and price list.

Rowen’s doorstep waste collection day is Monday, anytime from 7am to 3pm.

Our black wheelie bins are emptied every four weeks.  Click here  to check your dates.

Recycling facilities in Rowen public car park…

  • Modular bank for glass bottles, tin cans and paper.
  • Two igloos for soft plastics, eg. pop bottles, margarine tubs, but not hard plastics, eg. CD cases.  No plastic bags or plastic sacks please.
  • Shoes bank
  • Textiles bank

The recycling area is not a dumping ground for commercial catering waste, domestic rubbish, furniture, builders’ waste etc.  This is  fly-tipping and offenders may be prosecuted.

You can report fly-tipping to Conwy Council via   This website is easy to use.

See   for more info.

Updated 08/01/2018

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