Recycling in Rowen






Compost for the community from our green bag garden waste

Household Recycling Centres, Mochdre and Abergele.
Click here for information and price list.

Rowen’s doorstep waste collection day is Monday, anytime from 7am to 3pm.
Our black wheelie bins are emptied every four weeks.  Click here  to check your dates.
Our green trolliboxes are emptied every Monday.

Recycling in Rowen public car park…
Modular bank for glass bottles, tin cans (no scrap metal please) and paper (no cardboard please).
Two igloos for soft plastics, eg. pop bottles, margarine tubs, but not hard plastics, eg. CD cases or plastic flower pots.  These can be recycled at Mochdre.  No plastic bags or plastic sacks please.  Please squash plastic milk bottles.
Shoes bank
Textiles bank
CD’s and books can be exchanged in Rowen’s Telephone Kiosk Information Point, T-kip.

The recycling area in Rowen Car Park is not a dumping ground for commercial catering waste, domestic rubbish, furniture, builders’ waste etc.  This is  fly-tipping and offenders may be prosecuted.
You can report fly-tipping to Conwy Council via

Composting bins are available from Conwy County Borough Council at a reduced price.

You can give unwanted items away on Trash Nothing Conwy, which is similar to the old Conwy FreeCycle.  Old pallets, flatscreen TV and a guinea pig hutch were all on offer one day recently.
Or you can email us with unwanted items for collection, and we will add them to our weekly Rowen email newsletter, eg. Old shed, greenhouse, horticultural glass, timber etc.  Email

Occasional community skips for domestic waste are provided in Rowen Car Park.

Useful websites  for ideas on using less plastic.
Conwy Friends of the Earth


Updated October 2019

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