Dog fouling in Rowen

Dog fouling hotspot sign in Trefriw

January 2018.  Message from a local dog owner…
“I  regularly walk my dog around Rowen.  I always carry a scoop and bags, and I always use the three black bins and the red dog ****  bin. I’m fed up with the dog owner who allows their dog to **** on the village streets.  Pardon my French.  I’ve traced the trail of distinctive light brown dog**** all the way from the bus stop, to near the start of the Youth Hostel hill.  This dog owner is giving the rest of us dog owners in Rowen a bad name”.

Note: It is an offence to allow a dog to foul any street with street lighting, at any time of day or night.

Click here to report dog fouling, and for more info from Conwy Council.

Dog fouling poster at Felinheli

Rowen Playing Field is covered by a Dog Control Order. Click here for map.
Dogs on leads are allowed on the Playing Field.  Dogs are not allowed to run free or to foul the Field.

Dog fouling hotspots in Rowen
1.  Public footpath from the Shirley Footbridge to Glascoed Farm.  A red dog waste bin has been provided near the footbridge.   Please use it.
2.   Lane and public footpath from the Ty Gwyn to Cefn Cae Farm.  A black bin has been provided next to the phone box.   Please use it.

Dumping bags of dog waste on footpaths is highly offensive to other users, and to the farmers. 

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