Public car park

Roadside car parking in Rowen

Car park and Rowen Memorial Hall

The free public car park in Rowen is signposted just past the flagpole, postcode LL32 8YA.  The car park is owned and managed by Conwy County Borough Council. 

The Memorial Hall is not responsible for  any vehicles left in the car park.  

Update February 2018  The Memorial Hall committee has been urging Conwy County Borough Council to white-line parking spaces, and to mark clear access to the Playing Field gate.
Info from Cllr. Goronwy Edwards, at the Memorial Hall committee meeting on 01/02/2018…
“Rowen Car Park is due for re-surfacing in the financial year starting April 2018. Hopefully this will be done in 2018. White lining will be done at the same time”.
1.  To make best use of the available parking space, by providing marked-out spaces, instead of casual parking, with large gaps between vehicles.  See picture.
2.   To provide safe and clear access to: the top terrace of houses, the new house off the car park, the Memorial Hall and Playing Field, the recycling area and the garages.
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Park considerately. The public car park is shared-use, and it soon fills up with residents’ cars,  Memorial Hall users’ cars and visitors’ cars.
Leave space for emergency service vehicles to get through to the houses and the Memorial Hall.
Leave clear access to the recycling skips and to the garages.   

The free public toilets in the car park are open from mid April to end of October. 

Large groups of walkers may prefer to park on the roadside, across the road from the flagpole. 

You can report any problems in the car park to Conwy County Borough Council via

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