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The Rowen Community Group is holding the Rowen Winter Festival on Sunday 1st December.

The road [from the Ty Gwyn and down to the Llanerch turning] will be closed from 4.45 to 5.45pm.

Your Committee would kindly ask all residents to follow the measures we have taken to ensure the road is kept as clear as possible during this time.

The Ty Gwyn has kindly offered blue badge holders and cars used for ferrying people with limited mobility the use of their car park.  Please note after 4.45pm this car park can only be accessed via the back Henryd road.

Anyone who normally parks opposite the pub’s garden wall will be requested to keep the area free of cars as we are expecting in excess of 200 people.

There will be limited on street parking available opposite Llanerch but one side is being coned off to allow emergency vehicles easier access to the village – Please respect the cones.

Ideally it would be much easier for everyone attending the event to walk, if possible.

Hog Serving

We will be serving this in order of those with restricted mobility, followed by those with young children and then by alphabetical house names.

Again, sincere thanks for your cooperation in ensuring the evening will be a successful and safe occasion for all to enjoy.

Grwp Cymunedol Rowen Community Group

Message from Rowen Community Group, April 2019

“After the last RCG meeting in October 2019, Charles Hawkins was tasked with speaking with the Bulkeley Estate to establish what possibilities might exist to maintain, even develop, the old School House. Charles spoke with Sir Richard shortly after that meeting.
He kindly gave some background on the property and then advised that he is seeking Planning Permission for a change of use to Residential, prior to renovating and selling the property.
We left it that if this planned failed, he could come back to Charles to explore alternative options.
Charles wants to suggest that matters are left like that, at least till we hear whether Sir Richard has been successful or not”.

The new Committee is 11 strong, including some who are relatively new to the village.   We are:

Linda Anderson
Helen Hawkins (Secretary)
Sean Brand
Janet Haworth (Vice Chair)
Eileen Burtonwood
Gwenan Jones
John Burtonwood (Treasurer)
Catherine Mortimer Hart
Cllr. Goronwy Edwards
Dennis Oliver
Charles Hawkins (Chair)

We are here as your representatives to help put your wishes for the village into action. With the mix of experience and perspectives on the committee, we seek to work for the benefit of all within the Rowen community.
It should go without saying, but we will anyway – a Community Group needs a Community.  We need your input, your ideas and, yes, your time. We cannot ‘do’ everything ourselves and we trust that as ideas arise, you will want to get involved.
Following recent suggestions, we are considering ways to help the Community Group meetings flow more smoothly – we will keep you posted as these take shape in time for the next meeting.  Watch this space!
The whole Committee looks forward to getting to know the Community increasingly well and we are looking forward to serving you all.
From the Rowen Community Group.

Constitution  Click here to see the Rowen Community Group constitution.

See the Community Group website  which includes a list of donations made in 2018.

See Car Boot Sales 2020 page



Rowen flagpole, provided by the Community Group.

Planting crocus bulbs near the flagpole

Rowen residents planted over 500 purple crocus bulbs in October 2016, as part of Rotary’s Purple for Polio Campaign, which aims to eradicate polio worldwide.
Thanks to Llandudno Rotary for providing the bulbs and to blacksmith Dewi Jones, Henryd Smithy for making the bulb planters.
Crocus flowers are a great source of early pollen for the bees.
A further 1000 bulbs were planted in November 2017.
Pictures from Annabel Meayers.

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