A defibrillator for Rowen…

Today, if you suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital in the UK, you have less than one in ten chance of surviving.

The British Heart Foundation is leading the fight to change this.

Over the next five years, the BHF’s aim is to create…

  • A Nation of Lifesavers
  • A revolution in CPR (Cardio pulmonary resuscitation) training
  • Defibrillator awareness, helping more people survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest.

They are determined that more lives will be saved each year, because bystanders will be trained and ready to take action.

Following a successful grant application to BHF, and with an additional £1000 funding from Rowen Carnival, Community Group and the Memorial Hall, Rowen now has a CPR Training kit and a PAD (Public Access Defibrillator) to be installed in the Telephone Kiosk.

  • The Defibrillator will be available for anybody to use 24/7.
  • CPR training sessions will be run at the Memorial Hall, startin in March 2016.
  • See here for more information on BHF and the Nation of Lifesavers campaign.
  • See http://tinyurl.com/htgykjf for information on defibrillators
  • Please contact Annabel Meayers, Treasurer, Rowen Community Group for more information or to enrol on a training session.
  • Email annabel289@btinternet.com


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